Module I

Food for Thought

Consumer behavior


MUTANT University offers 4 modules, all designed to bring a complete view of CX – Customer Experience, putting together the best of both worlds: knowledge acquired by world-leading academy experts combined with the experience of those who perform Customer Experience strategies in real life.

In our first module “Food for Thought” we promoted a deep dive in the customer’s universe: found out more about trends, what the future has in store and how to apply CX strategies in your company’s day-to-day.

Our inaugural talk was led by Carl Rohde, world-leading expert, who observes the market, analyses behaviour and reveals which are the true trends you should keep an eye on.

Under the command of Professors Fabio Mariano and Luis Rasquilha, two top notch professionals, the classes of our first Module had an unique content to rethink the relationship between brands and people.

o promote an unforgettable experience and surprise its students, MUTANT University invited the chefs Júlia Tricate and Neka Menna Barreto, as well as food designer Simone Mattar and mixologist Ricardo Peña to add some extra taste to the classes. They prepared some gastronomic experiences that filled the eyes and nourished the brain with much knowledge about trends and innovation. That is experience at its peak.

Check the content:

  • Trends as strategic enhancers;
  • Trend research – CoolHunting;
  • Trend Map;
  • Behavioural observation.
  • TrendsLator – translating trends into business ideas;
  • Insights – what are they and how they are built;
  • Business Insights – strategic implementation and prospective outlook;
  • Hands-on implementation.