Why MUTANT University?

The best way to learn about experiences: going through them. That is why each module of
MUTANT University is thought so that you can enjoy every minute to the max. Not only you
listen or talk – you feel it. That is experience at its peak.

More than a diploma: achieving a cause.

You will get much more than a certificate or a title to add up to your CV. Take a minute to reflect
on how much transformational knowledge you will acquire here. Relevant, real-time
information for you to have and share at the spot.

Academic knowledge x practical skills. When in doubt, choose both.

Academic x Hands-on knowledge: when in doubt, have both.
At MUTANT University you get the best of both worlds: the academic knowledge developed by
top-notch Professors as well as the experience from those that make Customer Experience real
everyday. As our CEO Alexandre Bichir puts: “We believe that investing in high quality
professional improvement is part of our mission as business leaders”.

More than a course, a transformation path.

By the end of the course, you will become more than just a certified participant, you will be an
agent of transformation. The revolution is already on, you will instantly become part of it.
Instead of having a final exam, we invite you to share your experience in a post. Or many posts if
you feel like. This way you join us in the mission of spreading this new way of thinking, acting
and reaching results. Eduardo Gallo, MUTANT CXO, says it clearly: “being CX pioneers in Brazil,
we believe that spreading this knowledge for professionals and anyone interested in the subject
is the way to transform the relationship between people and brands, thus stimulating better
experiences on a daily basis”.

Live the experience. Multiply new ones.